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Technic Concrete Pumping cover the whole of the UK and have worked for many different sized organisations across an extensive range of market sectors. Here are few projects that we have carried out.

Bolton Hospital

This project entailed working in a busy Hospital and the customers’ requirement was to pump concrete to an external courtyard.

The concrete had to be pumped from the mobile concrete pump through the hospital building using over 100 metres of pipeline.
Working closely with John Turner Construction and Taybridge Construction, Technic Concrete Pumping’s team carried over 200 metres of concrete without any major problems or issues.

Technic Concrete Pumping had to ensure that whilst working in a busy working Hospital, the safety of others was of paramount importance. This was co-ordinated closely with the Hospital to enable parts of the Hospital to have restrictions in place to lay the pipeline throughout the building to the Courtyard area.

Our small sized pump was used on this project due to the very tight restrictions of the location.

Armathwaite Bridge Infill, Cumbria

This project required foam concrete to be infilled into a section of a bridge area.

Technic Concrete Pumping carried over 100 metres of line with foam concrete uphill over a rail track and down the other side. This was also carried out during the night.

There were many encounters with this project that required strategic planning. During the Night was absolutely necessary and we had to ensure that we carried out this task safely. Communication was extremely important working in night time conditions. Both contractors, Murphys and Network Rail was extremely pleased with the outcome of this project.

We used our biggest pump, the 42 metre to deliver the foam concrete to such a difficult pumping requirement.

Branston School, Branston

This is very much an ongoing project and this is a new build school in Branston

Technic Concrete Pumping have carried out 12 pours so far using 2 pumps on each day, pumping over 100 metres per day.

The pumps have been pumping concrete on various decking floor areas.

The logistics of using 2 different sized pumps and working to tight timescales has been extremely important. We have been working closely with Trent Construction to achieve this successfully.

Nelstrop Flour Mill, Stockport

This project required pumping concrete to upper floor levels, whilst the flour mill was in live operation and a constant flow of traffic.

Technic Concrete Pumping used the 42 metre pump to gain the height required to pump to all the 6 floors and including the loading bay area.

This project required an extremely fast turnaround as the flour mill was a 24 hour operation and could not incur any downtime.

Technic Concrete Pumping worked closely with the project team, to safely pump the concrete to all the upper floor areas, checking the safety of others and the surrounding area as it was heavily trafficked during the pumping operations.


Technic Concrete Pumping recognise the importance of the CPA (Construction Plant-Hire Association) and the important work they achieve in providing Health & Safety guidance for our Industry. All pumps are therefore supplied for hire with trained operators working under the CPA Terms and Conditions.

The Standard Conditions of Contract
CPA Model Conditions for the Hiring of Plant
CPA Supplementary Conditions for Concrete Pumping 2011
CPA Good Practice Guide – Safe Use of Concrete Pump